Estate Sales - How it Works



We begin with a FREE no obligation consultation in which we come and
view the property in question. At this time, we also discuss any special needs you may have. We recognize that each situation is unique. Our fee structure and our sales agreement will be discussed at this meeting.


What to Expect:


Once we sign a contract, which outlines our basic duties and expectations, we work patiently and efficiently.


We organize, arrange and display the items and provide additional      tables as needed.

To a limited extent we clean items and the sale area. We remove      non-sale items and those items that cannot be sold.

We appraise the items to be sold and mark with tags, stickers, signs etc.      We will consult outside appraisers as needed      and at our expense. We make all final price      determinations.

We advertise your sale event using newspaper and print advertising,      internet advertising and any other advertising you might request (at      your expense). We put up a sign on premises during the sale as well as      signage in the local area if permitted.

We will take responsible steps pertaining to security as needed. If you      require a security guard we will arrange for that on your behalf and at      your expense.

When your sale is      concluded there will be      unsold items. We will      provide you an      extensive listing of      charities, many of      which will pick up. It is      up to you to contact      them and dispose of the      unsold items.

If your sale requires “extraordinary” extensive clean-up prior to the      sale event we will engage a cleaning and trash removal service at your      expense.

We  ask that you throw absolutely nothing away until we’ve had a      chance to see the estate in its entirety. You’d be amazed to see what      some folks put into the garbage can!)

Our friendly and reliable staff waits on each and every customer on sale      day(s).

We work for YOU, the client, and strive to make you as much money as      possible in as short a time as possible.


Our commissions are competitive; our service is comprehensive and we at Split Level Sales, LLC. “CARE” about your items and will handle them with respect. Your trust, privacy and peace of mind are of paramount importance to us.


Don't throw anything away !



This is a recurring theme you will find in Estate Sales. Any experienced Estate Sale company will tell you this right off. Why?


Too many times people have thrown away items they thought worthless, only to lose big money. There is the story of the women who was in charge of liquidating an estate. She was going to hire a truck to come empty out the old barn which was filled with cardboard boxes and
looked to be worthless. Instead she called an Estate Sale Professional and had them come over and look everything over.


Well, once the dust was moved aside and the trash
taken out piece by piece, there was an old trash can with a lid on it standing along the wall. The can was very heavy and it was thought it was filled with rocks and debris.
Once outside in the light, the cover was removed and that can contained a large number of old silver coins. The value was around $45,000.00



We can't say anything like this will happen to you,but whether it is a an old box containing a rare stamp, or any other number of possible items you might mistake for "trash", it is well worth your time to call us first.


We at Split Level Sales, LLC. will meet with you, look over your contents and provide an expert evaluation!




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