Estate Sales - General Info



As your representative for your estate sale, our main objective is the orderly liquidation of personal property in a relatively short period of time and for the highest return possible. The concept is fairly basic. With our professional estate appraisers and staff on site, we will do our best to alleviate any significant emotional trauma, difficult  logistical challenges and crucial deadlines on your behalf.



Liquidating a home or business can be stressful, exhausting and even traumatic.  We strive to minimize our clients’ stress throughout the entire process.



At Split Level Sales, LLC. we are expert in managing estate sales. We offer efficient, professional services while being mindful of our client’s needs. Your home need not be filled with expensive antiques, artwork, vintage automobiles, rare firearms, fine jewelry and other expensive assets in order for a sale to be successful. We routinely liquidate estates of all types and sizes.



Split Level Sales also offers a Consignment service. If you have a larger piece remaining after your estate sale, you will have the option of consigning it with us. Be sure to ask about this valuable service!




Whether you need an estate sale due to moving, closing a business, retirement, a divorce situation, a death, or simply just wish to downsize, Split Level Sales, LLC. can handle your situation with expertise and professionalism.


Why an Estate Sale?



When looking for quality household furniture and collectibles, the average person simply has no wish to wait all day for an item to come up at an auction.


An organized Estate Sale is wonderfully composed to offer household items in a setting that the public can understand. Estate Sale environments take the guess work out of how certain pieces of furniture will look in a home, because they are being seen "in" a home. At an Estate Sale, a shopper can purchase an item easily, quickly, and directly.




Some other estate sale considerations:


Estate Sales attract a very specific kind of buyer, namely homeowners who are looking for attractive items to decorate their homes. Estate Sale shoppers are more like retail shoppers and they are willing to pay more than they would at an auction, for example. Auctions, especially the smaller regional auctions, are shopped primarily by dealers looking for items for their shops. These dealers are in the business of buying low and selling high.



A qualified Estate Sales professional will organize and individually price all of a homes contents. Selling everything individually generates higher income.



Split Level sales sell a homes contents “on-site” so there are no moving fees, photography fees, or “buy in” fees.
Because an Estate Sale usually takes place over a multi-day period, Estate Sale shoppers can linger over an item of interest.





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