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Q:  How much do you charge to look at an estate?


A: Our initial consultations are always FREE of charge.  Should we determine that an estate sale is not your best option, we’ll be glad to provide you with a set of alternatives during this complimentary expert consultation.



Q: Shouldn’t I wait until my home has sold before I have you conduct my sale?

A: Some real-estate agents will disagree with us on this issue, but we answer this question with a resounding “No!”  You see, selling a home and then contracting with an estate liquidator can — and most often does — paint the liquidator into a corner, so to speak. We want to do your sale justice, and we need adequate time in which to do this.  Please try to coordinate the sale of your real estate with the sale of your household possessions, as (again) an estate sale can bring hundreds of potential home buyers right to your door!



Q: May we place reserves on items in the sale?


A: Generally, yes — within reason. In our contract, we allow the client to place reserves on  items. Naturally, we don’t like reserves too much (like you, we want items to sell!), but we also understand that, sometimes, the family may not want an item to sell for less than a given price.  Occasionally, though, we may take a small sale in which reserves are simply not feasible.  Each situation is different.


Estate Sale FAQ's Continued


Q: How long should I expect my sale to run?


A: Each sale is unique; however, suffice it to say that most of our sales are two-day sales. From time to time we encounter a small sale that only merits one long day, or
(even more rarely) an extremely full sale that merits three days. For all intents and purposes, though, you can probably count on a two-day sale.


Q: What do you do with items that don’t sell?


A: Naturally, we strive to sell the contents of an estate “wall to wall”, but there are always some things left over in each estate. We will provide you an extensive listing of charities, many of which will pick up. It is up to you
to contact them and dispose of the unsold items.


Q:  Do you sell automobiles and motorcycles?


A:  Absolutely!  We find that cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles and recreational vehicles all draw large numbers of new and different customers. 



Any questions not covered here can be answered with a simple phone call! Give a call today and schedule your FREE expert evaluation!


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