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Q:  Why should I have a professionally conducted estate sale rather than a garage sale or family-run sale?


A:  First, it’s an incredibly difficult task for non-professionals to get things together, let alone run a sale as it should be run.  Not only is the work itself grueling, but you also have to factor in sentimentality, time, difficult family dynamics etc.


As one would expect, most laymen (and this includes attorneys, CPA’s, trustees, etc.) have absolutely no idea what items are worth in the secondary market. Those attempting to conduct their own sales, we have found, either vastly over-price or ridiculously under-price the vast majority of their household possessions.


We market the items via this website, newspaper ads, word of mouth and online ads, and we display everything in a way that will net you the most money possible. Remember, too, that there’s greater perceived value when a professional estate liquidation firm conducts an estate sale. 






Q: How exactly does an estate sale work?


A: Estate sales (also known as “tag sales” in many parts of the United States) are orderly liquidations run much as a retail shop would be. That is to say, every item has a price tag. Our sales are beautifully staged, professionally organized and well advertised. The public is invited into the location and allowed to shop at leisure. Clerks are available to write customers’ tickets and answer their questions. Cashiers are stationed (usually near the entrance/exit) to “cash out” customers.


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Q: Do I even have enough for you to conduct an estate sale? I don’t really have fine art, great antiques or lots of expensive things.


A: You’d be amazed at just how well even an average estate can and does sell when offered to the public in one of our orderly liquidation sales. We liquidate entire estates of all kinds, not just those that are filled to overflowing with 18th century furniture, period silver,
vintage clothing, rare automobiles, fine jewelry and the like. We sell furniture of all types, clothing, general residential contents, portable buildings, cars, stereo
equipment, tools, guns, motorcycles, farm equipment, musical instruments. . . well, actually, a little bit of everything!



Q: What should I do to get ready for a sale?


A: Step away from the dumpster and the thrift shop box — PLEASE.  (You’d be horrified to learn what some former clients have, in their zeal, thrown or given away before talking to us.) Show us any and all items you do not want us to sell before we sign a contract.




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