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Split Level Sales, LLC.

Albany, New York



Proprietor: Alexandra Auld Pinheiro







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Before You Call:


Make sure you have not thrown anything away! This is a common mistake many people make only to find out later that they lost something of tremendous value.


If the nature of the help you require involves the unfortunate situation of someone passing away or perhaps a divorce or similar situation, make sure you have the proper legal right to engage into an agreement on behalf of the estate.




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If there is a house involved and it is to be sold, call us first! As written elsewhere on this website it can benefit you to coordinate your estate sale with the sale of the real estate.



We are a proud member of ProSource Flooring! If you need new carpet or flooring
and want BIG savings check out ProSource and be sure to mention my name
(Alexandra Pinheiro)or my compnay name (Split Level Sales)!